How to Migrate Teams Wikis to OneNote

How to Migrate Teams Wikis to OneNote

The latest Teams update enabled Wiki migration to Microsoft OneNote. This feature is the next step in Wiki retiring process which should be finalized in the upcoming months. Right now, you can move all your existing Wiki content to OneNote using a built-in migration wizard.

Wiki in Teams

The Wiki tab was the main note taking place in Microsoft Teams for many years. It allowed users to create simple notes with images, tables, bullet points, and other basic formatting options. It wasn’t the best note app in Teams – basic formatting only, no easy migration options between Teams or tenants, and no search. Although those limitations many people created notes and stored them in Wikis (it was enabled by default in each channel).

If you’re curious about how it works – Wiki uses hidden SharePoint lists to store content and a dedicated Teams app to render and display notes 😊

Wiki retirement

A few months ago, Microsoft announced that Wiki time is ending. Wiki will be replaced by OneNote (it’s a powerful note-taking tool and is already integrated with Teams).

Migration phases:

  • Stage 1 – Users won’t be able to create new wikis, but have read/write access to their existing wikis
  • Stage 2 –Wiki tab in a channel is not supported; users have read/write access to their existing wikis. Users can also export their content to OneNote.
  • Stage 3 – (Timeline – Jan 2024) Wikis tab and wiki App wouldn’t be able to accessible in Teams and users wouldn’t be able to export. Users can download their wiki files from SharePoint.

Stage 1 and Stage 2 are done, and the last phase will completely remove wiki from Teams. It’s expected in January 2024.

Migration to OneNote

If you want to migrate your existing wiki tab content:

1. Navigate to your Wiki tab in a Team

You can open and review existing wiki content using Go to Wiki app.

2. To migrate the wiki to OneNote, click the Export to Notes button

3. Confirm migration to Notes

4. When it’s done you get a nice notification window 😊

5. Now you can add the new OneNote file to your Teams channel tab. Create a new Tab, select OneNote, and choose your migrated OneNote file.

6. You can review migrated content and start using notes in OneNote!


The migration process is straightforward and can be done by any member of a team with proper permission. Key points:

  • You can export only 1 Wiki tab at a time
  • There’s no option to export in a bulk
  • Any team member with permission to add/remove a tab in a channel can migrate the wiki tab to OneNote

If your users still have some Wiki tabs with content, you should notify them to use this migration option to switch to OneNote.

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