Summary of Ignite 2023 – part 1

Summary of Ignite 2023 - part 1

Microsoft Ignite 2023 is over but there are so much news and updates so it will take some time to dig through all of them. I summarized the most important things from Teams, SharePoint, and Planner areas in this post. Let’s go and find out what will come next year to Microsoft 365.

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Colored Folders – How to apply a color using Power Automate

Colored Folders - How to use via Power Automate

Microsoft released a new feature called Colored Folders. It’s available both in OneDrive and SharePoint Online. You can use it to apply color to a special folder to categorize manually data based on the content inside. You can also use Power Automate and automate the whole process. In this post, I will show you basic information about the feature and how to use it in Power Automate.

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Collaborative Notes in Teams – Overview

Collaborative Notes in Teams - Overview

A new note-taking tool has just arrived in Teams meeting! Collaborative Notes are a brand-new tool that you can use for agenda, notes, tasks, and much more. It uses Microsoft Loop components and integrated both with Teams and other Microsoft 365 services. No more Wiki-based notes!

Let’s check what’s inside.

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