How to create a Teams Avatar from photo

How to create a Teams Avatar from photo

Do you want to make your Teams Avatar look similar to you without a long manual customization process? With the latest Avatars feature, you can take your photo or take one using a camera and based on that build a 3D avatar. Let’s check how you do it.


Avatars is a dedicated feature designed to give you more options in online and hybrid meetings. It’s part of Mesh – presence and shared experience features enabled through mixed-reality applications. What is an avatar, then? It’s a 3D model which you can customize and use during a Teams meeting. The avatar also has predefined gestures and reactions.

The latest update enables creating an avatar from your own photo! You can use a camera or upload one and based on them create your 3D model for Teams meetings.

How to create from a camera photo

You can create up to 3 avatars in Teams and each one can be created from your photo.

1. Open the desktop Teams application and open the Avatars app (you can find it in More apps or in the Apps Store in Teams)

2. Select the plus button (Add Persona) and choose Create from the photo

    3. There are 2 options – Upload the image and Use the camera. Choose the second one.

    4. Position your face within the ellipsis select the camera button to take a photo, and then select the Use Photo button.

    The app analyzes your photo and detects points on your face, such as eyes, nose,  and overall face shape, and matches it to options available in the builder. It also predicts the style and color of hair, facial hair, brow, and eyewear.

    5. The next step gives you basic customization options. First, select your skin tone and select the Next button

    6. Select one of the 3 available creations and go to the next step

    7. Select your preferred body shape

    8. Select your outfit and finalize the creation process.

    9. The customization options from the creator were basic but when the avatars are created, you can use all available options in the builder.

    10. To use the new avatar select the Avatars options in the Camera dropdown menu and choose the one you’ve just created. You can also use all standard options for your Avatar such as select mood or use reactions.

      Upload a photo

      You can also use your photo during the creation process instead of taking one using the camera. The whole process and options are exactly the same so it doesn’t matter which option you choose. The camera option takes a photo so in fact both methods are equal.

      Photo requirements:

      • .jpeg, .bmp, or .png file format supported
      • 360×360 up to 4096×4096
      • up to 10MB
      • directly face the camera on the photo
      • natural face expression
      • no sunglasses or headwear
      • no shades or dark picture


      The Avatars feature is a nice addition to existing presence features. If you don’t want to show your camera (or you’re not able to) you can use it and show your mood or reactions. Creating your own using your photo makes the whole process much faster and the avatar looks similar to you (of course it is a 3D model with limited shape resolution and cartoon-like design).

      I did a few tests with different photos and camera settings but the effect was almost identical. I’m happy with the results – the model is similar to my expectations and I do like it. It’s definitely better and more accurate than my manual builds.

      What about privacy? You upload a photo of your face or take it using a camera. The Avatars app uses it to make your digital representation. Although it is not a 3D scan of your face with detailed information it’s still your image analyzed by AI models and used in Teams. Microsoft states that it is used ONLY for this purpose (Avatar creation process in the Avatars builder) and is not retained or used for any other purpose.

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