Welcome Viva Engage

Welcome Viva Engage

Microsoft announced a new member of the Viva suite – Viva Engage. It is a new place where you can build community, share knowledge, build internal networks, and engage with leadership. It will get a dedicated Teams application. Viva Engage is built on top of Yammer and will provide similar features and functionalities. But what about Yammer itself – will it be discontinued, rebranded, or changed?

Viva Suite offers a set of tools for the modern workplace:

  • Insights – productivity and well-being
  • Learning – a modern learning experience
  • Connections – take an Intranet closer to people
  • Topics – organizing content and finding information
  • Goals – manage goals using the OKR methodology.

All of them are designed to help us work more efficiently.

Viva Engage is a module that is focused on communication. You can share information and get feedback from management and colleagues. It will strengthen relationships between coworkers and provide an easy place way to communicate with all people in your company. All of these are directly available from Teams clients (desktop, web, and mobile).


Viva Engage home site in Teams app

Viva Engage Storylines section

Stories page

Mobile experience

What about Yammer?

Yammer is a key part of the module. To use Viva Engage an organization must be licensed for Yammer. The app will show the same network, home feed, and communities that you can see today in Yammer. The existing Yammer Teams app (Communities) will be rebranded as the Viva Engage app in August.

It looks like Yammer will be replaced by Viva Engage. But NO! Yammer won’t be replaced. It will be part of Microsoft SKUs and Microsoft will invest in Yammer.

Looks like it is a new way to move Yammer closer to people and make it more visible and usable. I’m curious about Yammer future. I like the service and it has a huge potential. It’s not easy to adopt it successfully but being part of Viva Suite should help in that process.


Most frequent questions answered by Dan Holme

Viva Engage is available at no additional cost to most Microsoft 365 customers: It can be used by anyone enabled to use Yammer.

Viva Engage builds on Yammer, and brings together Yammer’s experiences—communities, open conversations, and personalized discovery—with new capabilities for expression and sharing through storyline and stories, and upcoming innovations.

The Viva Engage app in Teams will replace the Communities app. We strongly recommend that Teams admins deploy and pin the Communities app (today) or the Viva Engage app (in late August) for all users using Teams app policies.

The Communities app will be updated automatically starting in late August. If you’ve already deployed the Communities app, it will be updated with no action required. First, the app name and icon will update. The new user experiences will roll out over the following few weeks.

The Viva Engage app in Outlook will replace the Communities app later this summer.

Yammer.com and the Yammer apps for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC remain standalone experiences for employee engagement on the web, mobile, and desktop.

Full list – https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/things-you-your-organization-need-know-viva-engage-yammer-dan-holme/

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