Video Filters in Teams meeting – quick overview

Video Filters in Teams meeting - quick overview

Video Filters in Teams meetings are now available in the Public Preview channel. With the feature, you can modify your video stream from your camera. Want to make your video Black and White or add some balloons? You can do that!

Let’s go and enable it in Teams and try to test the effects on the video.


Right now the feature is available only in the Public Preview channel, but it will be globally available in March/April. To test the Video Filters you need to switch your Teams to the Public Preview mode.

  1. Click on the ellipsis
  2. Select About
  3. Select Public preview

You’re ready to test it but please keep in mind that the feature only works in the Desktop client (Windows and Mac). Other meeting participants don’t need to use the Public preview mode.

Video Filter

The Video Filters feature uses a dedicated Teams app. When you try to enable it for the first time you need to accept that Video Filters accesses your video stream and modifies it.

  1. Start an ad-hoc meeting
  2. Click More and then Video effects
  • Consent and add the app Custom Filters. Now you’re ready to test Video Filters.

There are 2 types of Filters:

  • Frames – an overlay to your video (21 different settings), some are animated
  • Styles – color styles (9 settings)

Video Filters – Frames

When you select a Frame from the Video effect pane it’s applied to your video stream. It works with custom backgrounds so you can use your favorite one and add some effects.

The first one from the selection added the blue animated overlay to my video.

More Frames – balloons, New Year, Q&A, and Round table.

Video Filter – Styles

Styles and color tones to the video. Here is the Black and white style.

More Styles – Vintage, White, Ocean, and Sunlight.


Now the Administration part and it’s a tricky one. The Video Filters feature uses the dedicated application Custom Filters. You must install it by yourself when you want to use filters for the first time.

I tried to find the app in the Teams Admin Center – it’s not available in the Manage apps section. It’s not available in the meetings policy either. I think it’s not available in the Public Preview mode, but I will be in the final version.


The feature itself is easy to configure and use. Today it offers 30 filters (21 Frames and 9 Styles) and can be useful in specific scenarios. Right now it can be useful when I record training/workshops. The Q&A frame can be useful when you want to show attendees that you’re the person responsible for Q&A or you can help them. Other scenarios – it’s up to you. For me, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Video Filters are a must.

External video management tools (e.g. OBS) offer more advanced filters for years, but it never was an important feature. The disabled incoming video feature makes it very niche.

All filters are prepared by Microsoft, and you can’t modify them or upload your own. Is Microsoft going to allow uploading a custom filter? I have no idea.

Administration settings are not available, and I can’t say what it will look like in the final version. We must wait and check then.

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