The new Microsoft Lists form Experience

The new Microsoft Lists form Experience

The new Microsoft Lists form experience has just been released! Need a tool for collecting information from users inside your organization – that’s the tool for you. In the post, I will go through its main features and options.

Let’s go.

New forms experience

There are 2 types of forms in Microsoft Lists – default form (can be customized using JSON formatting) and customized using Power Apps. Those types cover many scenarios and give you quite a lot of options. You can build small and compact forms or large canvases with complex logic.

The new form experience is an addition to those types and covers an area reserved for Microsoft Forms. It’s designed to collect information from users and save it on Microsoft Lists. You can quickly create a new form, share it with your colleagues, and get their responses on your lists. That’s it.

It will not replace existing default Lists form or customized Power Apps forms.

Create a New Form

To create a new form navigate to your List.

1. Select the Forms button on the action ribbon and then choose New form.

2. The form editor allows you to customize visible fields and their order.

3. If you need an additional field you can add it directly from the editor. Scroll down to the bottom of the form and select Add new field. Now you can select one of the available fields. When you add it to the editor it will be also automatically added to the Microsoft List.

4. You can modify the theme of your Form using predefined styles. To do this open the Themes section on the right-hand pane and select predefined styles. You can also create your own style using predefined colors and backgrounds.

5. By default, the form accepts responses (users with valid links can fill in the form) but you can disable it using the Settings section. In the section, you can also customize the confirmation message.

6. When the form is ready you must share it with your colleagues. To do this open the Send form section and select the Copy link button. The link will be automatically copied to your clipboard so you can send it.

Use the form

To open the form paste the link in a web browser. You will get a modern, colorful form with the fields that you selected. There are not any Lists elements or M365 panes – just pure form. You can fill in the form and submit your data using the Submit button. Keep in mind that the form is not anonymous – each submission will also save a user’s information.

To use the link you must be logged into Microsoft 365.

If you need to modify the existing form select the Form button again. You edit it, disable accepting responses, duplicate, or even delete the form. If you need to have multiple forms, select the New form button, and create the next one. Using links you can work with multiple forms and gather specific information from different groups of people or teams.


This feature is a nice addition to existing form options. If you want to quickly create a simple but modern form for gathering responses within your company, this is the tool for you. Submitted information is saved directly into the Lists so you don’t need to use Power Automate to move data between different tools.

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