Microsoft Whiteboard – latest updates

Microsoft Whiteboard – latest updates

Whiteboard is a fantastic tool for Teams meetings. You can use it for sketching, creating meeting notes, prototyping, gathering requirements, planning a sprint, etc.. All with an intuitive interface and coauthoring. Today I want to show you some latest updates that will make your work easier.

Pen settings

Pens are the basic and most common tool in Whiteboard. You can use it to draw lines, arrows, write, mark, etc. Each pen has its settings – you can select the color, the pen size, if it’s a single or double arrow. When you make a change to a pen it’s automatically saved and available in the next session! No need to change color every time.

Contextual reactions

Chat reactions are well-known features in Teams. You can easily add a reaction to your colleague’s message to give some feedback. Now, this feature is rolling out in Whiteboard as well. You can add a reaction to sticky notes.

It’s useful in planning meetings. When we plan our next spring in a project we can easily select upcoming tasks. Just click Like on a sticky note that represents a task and get aggregated results at the end.

Locking content

When you have multiple objects on your board it’s quite easy to move or resize something accidentally. It’s common in our daily meetings when our team works simultaneously on the board.

Locking an object lets you disable moving/resizing/deleting a specific object.

  1. This note is unlocked – you can modify its all properties or delete it as well
  2. When you click on 3 dots you can Lock this note
  3. The locked note can’t be edited – you can only copy it. To modify the note you must unlock it using the padlock icon

External access

You can invite a guest user or an anonymous user to your meeting. You can use many meeting features but not Whiteboard. It will change in April! External users will be able to see and even collaborate on the Whiteboard during the meeting. This feature will be available for them only during the meeting.

Drag and drop images

If you want to add an image to your board you can upload it from your computer. You can also use the drag and drop technique – just drag an image file from your desktop and drop it in on your meeting Whiteboard. Just like that! Fast, easy, and only one click.

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