How to configure Viva Learning

How to configure Viva Learning

Viva Learning (free) is now available in Microsoft 365 and Teams. You can quickly configure it and enable it on your tenant. This version allows you to use Microsoft content in learning library. More updates are planned for upcoming weeks.

Let’s go and configure it!

Viva Learning (part of Microsoft Viva) is a dedicated hub for learning in Microsoft Teams. In this app you can discover trainings, share, recommend, and learn from them. There are 2 version: 

  • Free – training content from LinkedIn Learning, Microsoft Learn, Microsoft 365 Training, and your own content stored in SharePoint site 
  • Premium – content from 3rd party providers (for example, Coursera, edX, Pluralsight, Udemy, etc. 

There is only the free part of Viva Learning available and we configure it in this post. The premium version is coming this month (November). 


To start using Viva Learning you must configure Viva Learning settings in Microsoft 365 Admin Center and Viva Learning App in Teams Admin Center – you have proper Administration permissions to do it.

Microsoft 365 admin center

First step is to enable providers in Org Settings. Go to Microsoft 365 admin center (, select Settings from left hand menu, then choose Org Settings.

Search for Viva Learning section and open it.

There are 4 options in the settings panel:

  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Microsoft Learn
  • Microsoft 365 Training
  • SharePoint

Select providers and click Save button.

If you select SharePoint you have to provide a URL for the SharePoint site. It is a good idea to create a new site dedicated for learning content. You can always change the URL later.


If you choose SharePoint as a source for learning, Viva Learning will add a dedicated app to it, and you can store learning content. Viva accepts:

  • Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF
  • Audio (.m4a)
  • Video (.mov, .mp4, .avi)

Enable the app in Teams admin center

To enable an app in Teams you have to go Teams admin center (, navigate to Teams apps section and to Manage apps.

Find Viva Learning in the app list. Open the app and change status to Allowed.

Now the app should be visible in Teams apps store for every user (if you customized default Teams apps policy go and check if the policy allows the new app).

You can also add it to the left hand menu in Teams for every user or a group of users. To do this go to Setup policies and add the app to specific policy.

Teams app

Now you can go to Teams and add the app. In the Viva Learning you can find all courses from specified providers. You can start learning!


Configuring Viva Learning is quite simple and straight forward. 15 minutes and you can play with Viva Learning! First step is to go through the learning catalog and check how it works.

In the next post I will show you how to upload your own content to a SharePoint site and use it in Viva Learning. 

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